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In (St) Brigid’s Arms: an Imbolc Devotional

“When you unexpectedly find yourself in hospital with a poorly newborn (and still recovering from a c-section yourself) 35 miles from home, missing your husband and other children, frightened for the baby you’ve just brought into the world, then magic, prayer and ritual have never been more important, but also must be improvised.”

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Why Naked Yoga Empowered Me

"Women tend to be conditioned to look at our bodies in merely a sexual or critical way: Am I sexually attractive at all moments and times? Am I physically appealing? Am I presentable?"

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Menstrual Cups: The 8th Wonder of the World

They're sanitary! They're eco-friendly! They're comfortable! Read Samantha's experience with her menstrual cup and why 90% of women recommend using them.

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