Why Naked Yoga Empowered Me

One day I decided to do yoga with my shirt off. I think I was too hot with what I was wearing, and not wanting to disrupt my flow, I quickly took my shirt off instead of finding something else. I wasn't wearing a bra that day, and I was in my room alone anyway, so why not try it? 

I was in my Brooklyn apartment, where I discovered Adriene, my favorite YouTube Yogi. Adriene is extremely skilled at helping us remember to explore and flow and especially her famous catchphrase, "Find What Feels Good." Well, having my shirt off at the time felt good, so I went for it.

I was, at the time, surprised to find it felt really empowering. I love naked yoga! I wasn't fully naked, and I think a part of me still feels funny about having my bare butt on a yoga mat that I sweat on and step on, but even having only my shirt off was a new experience.

I would love to do yoga HERE!

I would love to do yoga HERE!

Women tend to be conditioned to look at our bodies in merely a sexual or critical way: Am I sexually attractive at all moments and times? Am I physically appealing (to others)? Am I presentable? If you haven't felt these haunting questions almost every time you look in the mirror, I'm so happy for you because I think most of us do, and I think we don't always realize the harm we are causing ourselves.

When I went into downward dog and looked at my breasts, I was in awe of how I felt about what I saw. For the first time either in a long time or ever, I don't recall, I didn't look at my breasts in a sexual way or questioning whether or not they looked "good." I wasn't concerned. When I did critique their appearance in their funny upside down way, I let the toxic thought pass. I accepted and embraced my breasts for exactly how they were in that moment. Of course, it was easier to do knowing they didn't always look like that, but to even critique them then felt unnecessary. Let's face it, it's always unnecessary. So I eased into myself and embraced myself wholly.

I think that's another beautiful thing about yoga. It teaches us exactly that: To look at ourselves physically, spiritually, and emotionally with more light, ease, and compassion. We don't have to worry about "looking good" because our greatest concern in that moment, especially when you're doing yoga with Adriene, is feeling good. And I want to say a big THANK YOU to Adriene for expanding my relationship to my thought processes and remembering to be compassionate and gentle with myself. It is so important. If we treated ourselves that way, and continued to treat others that way, imagine the change we could see in the world.

So ladies, and gents! if you're reading, and EVERYONE! I highly recommend doing yoga naked, at least once, feeling and observing what you find. You might discover that you love yourself in a whole new light.

Peace & Blessings!

Explore: What is something you did differently one day that changed how you perceive/look at yourself? Do you want to try yoga naked? Tell us in the comments below!


Samantha Rose is the creatress of Pussy Magic and a writer originally from the Bay Area, CA. She is a poet, lover, and traveler. Find more about her at our Coven page.