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Chai, Literally Tea

“It’s the welcoming drink with friends and family and the offering of a cup of chai often leads to people sitting down, longer than planned, to share stories, gossip, and dream.” 

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A Small Contemplation of the First Harvest Season

"Before I knew I was a witch, or understood any specifics about paganism, I was living a somewhat pagan life – because that’s a country upbringing for you (and the word pagan does come from paganus, meaning ‘villager’ or ‘rustic’): whatever the earth is doing, you’re right there with her."

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Feathers and Petals: A Blodeuwedd Devotional

“Blodeuwedd was created to love one man; that was her original purpose in life. She found a way to assert her own wants and needs, and they think the best way to teach her a lesson is by turning her into an owl?… In my own heart I see her transformation as a positive, as an evolution… an owl is another level, a creature with deep wisdom and insight. Not to mention claws and a killer instinct.”

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