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the fairy tale of fecundity

“35 is claimed to be the age in which there is a steep drop off in fertility and as a result people are encouraged to get pregnant sooner rather than later. a frequently cited statistic is that less than 30% of people aged 35-39 have a chance of conceiving. “Rarely mentioned is the source of the data: French birth records from 1670 to 1830”.”

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The Babe With the Power: Blending Healing Magic and Popular Culture

“Sometimes things are difficult, it’s ok to admit I struggle, but I keep going. Rearranging my brain because of trauma has been necessary and important work, but one thing it isn’t is painless. It has to hurt if it’s to heal.”

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In (St) Brigid’s Arms: an Imbolc Devotional

“When you unexpectedly find yourself in hospital with a poorly newborn (and still recovering from a c-section yourself) 35 miles from home, missing your husband and other children, frightened for the baby you’ve just brought into the world, then magic, prayer and ritual have never been more important, but also must be improvised.”

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