Detox Bath Potion


Welcome, Beings!

I want to share a foot and hand soak that I treat myself to at least once every two weeks. This soak relieves stress, brings me back into my body, and upkeeps my overall health. Foot baths can be used in helping remove too much energy in the head and grounding more into your feet to even out the chi.

Too much energy in the head space can feel like over-thinking, being unsettled, restless (what Buddhists call "monkey mind") and not enough feeling/heart connection. Our feet are our foundation. They ground, hold, and support us, and control the balance of our body. Our Egyptian ancestors knew greatly of the importance of our feet and incorporated many rituals and pressure-point massages that revolved around the feet and hands.

Our organs, nerves, and glands are directly connected to reflex points on our hands and feet. By detoxing our essential extremities we can better detox and allow the proper function of our other essential organs. Plus it feels AMAZING! Definitely a must to incorporate into your self-care practice. Here are the steps…



  • Hot Water – This is key as it will allow your pores and skin to relax, open, and allow the healing remedy in. Don't make it too hot, but however it is comfortable for you.

  • Fresh squeezed juice from one lemon – Vitamin C acts as a natural exfoliant and enhances skin renewal.

  • Rosemary – Aids in liver health and cleanses the skin. I grow my own in my garden, but you can also find bundles at any produce store. Try to find all herbs as fresh as possible.

  • Mint – Mint helps to cleanse, repair, and detox the body. Like rosemary, I recommend as fresh as possible if not growing your own.

  • 1/2–1 full cup of Apple Cider Vinegar – Great for detoxing your entire body, also helps to soften and heal skin of any ailments. Braggs is my favorite brand.

  • Cannabis bath salts (optional - great for extra pain and inflammation)* – You can make your own cannabis bath salts for those of you that live in legal states. Heres a quick recipe:

    • Himalayan Rock Salt

    • Epsom Salt

    • Cannabis infused coconut oil (purchase at a dispensary)

  • Essential oilsLavender and citrus oils like grapefruit and lemon are good for rejuvenating tired feet. You'll also benefit from the aromatherapy of them. Frankincense is a great antiseptic, good for arthritis, anti-inflammatory, brings strength, protection, and courage to your cleansing, and is a powerful stimulant that uplifts spirits. Frankincense is a powerful plant ally that helps connect people to their 7th chakra also known as the crown and connects us to the spirit realm. It also boosts the immune system! Those are just a few to choose from, but follow your intuition for what your spirit needs.

*You can substitute regular Epsom Salts and/or Himalayan Rock Salt if you don't want Cannabis. Either way, the salts relax achy muscles and provide the body with magnesium. 


Add all the ingredients listed above in a large heat-proof bowl, and make sure it is big enough to fit your feet comfortably and without spillage! Don't want to waste the goodness.

If you want to especially 'treat yo self' as I like to, go in your backyard and throw in some of your favorite roses or flower petals and simmerrrr. Or bring the petals into whatever sacred space with some candles and music, incense, or whatever else you'd like to bring into your ritual. 

I usually soak my feet for about 15-30 minutes in the morning while I’m drinking my tea and organizing my days To-Do list or right before bed and sometimes will throw in a little face massage. You could also do a face mask and let it sit while your feet soak, read, write, or meditate. Make it yours! 

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you. The universe sees this as an act of self-love and will reward you! Not to mention it's relaxing and we all deserve to feel this godly and divine. Our feet are the most absorbent part in our body. A healthy connection to our feet will expand into a deeper healthy relationship with the rest of our body, our emotional and spiritual selves, and extend into our relationships with others. 

So much love and blessings,

Tessa is a mystic and cosmic energy channel full of wisdom. She is dedicated to awakening and living Divine Feminine truth and the truth found within us all. Find more about her at our Coven page.