Ascension, Self-Love, and Letting Go

"Sometimes being in control means letting go" – Anonymous

There are elements within every society that do all they can to suppress the independent, the creative, and the authentic because they profit, in one way or another, from doing so. What is ethical and moral and what is legal are two different beasts. Independent thinkers, creative types, and those who defy tradition and convention are people who "threaten the status quo." As a result, we are taught this and accept these as our own beliefs. We are told how to think, what is normal, what is beautiful and acceptable, what is right, and what is wrong. Those who disagree, or seek to be independent, or who simply do not fit in with society's definition of "normal" and "beautiful," are often met with fear, anger, contempt, ridicule and even at times banishment and imprisonment. Independent thinkers can be considered radicals, creative types seen as eccentric or crazy, and those who defy tradition and convention as "rebels" or "freaks." All risk such strong disapproval in one way or another. Yet time and time again we are told that we should embrace our differences, be creative, and strive to be authentic. This is the conflict. We are controlled via the media, religious organizations, and educational institutions, and taught how to behave, how to think, what to believe and feel. We are told what is normal and what is not, and that we must strive to be normal. "Normal" is acceptable.

But what is normal

It takes courage to defy family, tradition, and societal expectation. Establishing a healthy, authentic self-identity is one of the most challenging tasks I believe someone faces in this lifetime because it requires a willingness to break free of labels and definitions that we, not just others, place upon ourselves. It takes courage to say "no" to those who expect and sometimes demand that you say "yes." I am constantly being compelled, now more than ever, to redefine myself in a manner that is not restrictive or limiting. I am being pushed to question every single definition I've placed on things and the beliefs that I hold because of it. What I do or don't define as beauty, acceptable, good/bad, societal pressure of any form, death, life, caring, unconditional love, emotions, morals, and the universe are just some of the main ones for me personally. This truth has helped me understand not only who I am but how I was shaped by my past, as well as who I wish to become. I'm learning that to discover and know your truth is to undertake a journey of undoing, being and becoming. To find your centre place, where you are fulfilled, at peace, and accepting of all that you were, are, and will become. It's a journey of self-love. Universal love. 💗

art by  Sofia

art by Sofia

Tessa is a mystic and cosmic energy channel full of wisdom. She is dedicated to awakening and living Divine Feminine truth and the truth found within us all. Tessa has a great love and passion for animals, the wilderness, crystals, astrology, Tarot, holistic healing, beauty, drawing/painting, and music. Find more about her at our Coven page.