Kittenscopes, December 9-15


Soft words tumble from your lips. The power of your whisper carries far. Remember this when you’re watching your temper.


An easy week awaits you, Capricorn. Float on your back and plan to your heart’s desire. Live in the silver lining.



What you’re seeing isn’t a glimmering oasis. The water is real. Dive in.



With trepidation thrown to the wind, you are riding high. Keep forging your path and remind yourself of everything you’re not scared of anymore.


Don’t worry about fighting your way out of the dulcet daze. Get lost in its walls. Adorn your body in gold as an offering to yourself.



The answers aren’t always in the sky. Your north star could be in a book or on the petals of a flower. Read between the lines for the best meaning. 



Trim tiny vines before they swallow the wall. Climb the wall before the ground swallows you. Call your best friend for help.


Ask your heart what makes it sing. When your hear the answer, you will harmonize with your purpose. Share a piece of art that you’ve made.


Stoke your fiery passion and let it consume you for a while. It’s a good time for romance. It’s an even better time for taking a risk. 


Hold off on a big decision until you’ve weighed all your options. Decide what’s heavier: your tendency to rush or your need to be perfect?



Don’t comb the ocean floor looking for a sunken ship. Walk the beach instead. A message in a bottle will wash ashore.


Show gratitude for your family, however that is defined for you. Then for yourself. Talk to someone in their love language.



Greta Von Voss is a contributing writer and resident astrology poet for Pussy Magic. She is a synesthete who has a passion for painting and embroidery. Born with a veil over her face, Greta loves the beauty of all things spiritual and intuitive. Her current journey is learning the realms of tarot and dream interpretation. Greta currently resides in the Appalachian foothills of Georgia with her husband and two dogs. You can find her musings on Instagram and her blog.