Kittenscopes, December 2-8

Happy December, Kittens!


Prosperity drips from your being. When it catches the light everything you desire will be yours. Take advantage of your position.



Lay out your plans like a map to your future. Use soft lines for when you have to bend to the will of the universe. The more you let go, the more limber you become.



Exchange your usual buzz of energy for the quiet hum of contemplation. Emerge recharged and ask for what you want. Write a letter to yourself.


You are so wrapped up in love that it feels like home. Stay there for a while and decorate. Hug a friend or a kiss a lover.


The well of your heart is deepening. Drop a bucket in and see what treasure awaits you. Green for good luck and Tuesday for good aim.


You are never wrong for the pace of the stride. Take as much time as you need to get where you’re going. The view is better from the sidelines.


Deflating a ballooning ego can help you stay in your comfort zone. Don’t test any limits that you’re not ready to receive an answer for. Lavender and chamomile to help you think. 


Cut all your loose ends and burn the trimmings. Don’t burn yourself on the embers when the smoke settles. Surround yourself in blue to feel like a part of the ocean.


A light glows inside you that can never be put out. Wear this brilliance like a halo if you want to love. Wear it like a mane if you want to find your ambition. 


Use your heart to clear your brain. Use your brain to clear your space. When you feel like you can breathe again, you will know it is finished.


The moonlight betrays you when you attempt to hide behind the night. Illuminate the truth and look at it closer. Erupt with honesty.


As we march toward winter, you are already in spring. Don’t wait for the thaw to feel renewed. Take notes from an amaryllis.



Greta Von Voss is a contributing writer and resident astrology poet for Pussy Magic. She is a synesthete who has a passion for painting and embroidery. Born with a veil over her face, Greta loves the beauty of all things spiritual and intuitive. Her current journey is learning the realms of tarot and dream interpretation. Greta currently resides in the Appalachian foothills of Georgia with her husband and two dogs. You can find her musings on Instagram and her blog.