Kittenscopes, December 16-22


Blow the dust off an old record and watch the tiny specks sprinkle through the air like magic. Take a good listen. Do you remember why you love it? If not, listen again.



Spit on the fires they try to burn you with. The flames dance in your eyes and you dance on the embers. Use the ashes to build your chrysalis.



Sometimes you feel like you’re running in circles. Change your pace. Come home and change your batteries.



Your dreams are living outside of your head, Pisceans. We are all proud of you. Keep building.


Your soul is the most precious currency you possess. No matter how they try to convince you, it is not for sale.


A taste of the stability you crave is on the edge of your lips. Savor the feeling when it anchors in your gut. This will keep you satisfied on the nights you forget who you are.


Love has placed you above the clouds. Your newfound wings will help you glide back down to Earth. When you land on your feet you will already know where you are.


Sometimes you have to step back to move forward. Being alone can refresh your perspective. How does the narrative change when there’s no voices speaking over your own?


You might feel hammocked between mellow and moody. Find the creativity that sometimes lurks in this crevice. Write a poem dedicated to your name.



Sweeten your thoughts so your words drip with honey. The world is waiting to listen to you. Make it sweet.


Life quiets down outside your window and in your room. Draw the shades and find yourself in the dark.


Keep chipping away at the mountain of work in front of you. It won’t go unnoticed. You’ve already had your time to rest.



Greta Von Voss is a contributing writer and resident astrology poet for Pussy Magic. She is a synesthete who has a passion for painting and embroidery. Born with a veil over her face, Greta loves the beauty of all things spiritual and intuitive. Her current journey is learning the realms of tarot and dream interpretation. Greta currently resides in the Appalachian foothills of Georgia with her husband and two dogs. You can find her musings on Instagram and her blog.