Every Rose Petal

Poetry by Rhamonda Monae

There was a plan a woman misunderstood
Blind sighted. Not too many people can comprehend the future the way she did
Brave soul
Plant 100 seeds watch 100 flowers grow
The beauty of all and the strength of trust
I seen a woman I call her Monaé and I watched her sacrifice herself away
But only to ensure her powers to be I looked at my hands and she called herself me
There is a tunnel a key then a door
In between this poem is a
Passage for sure
The tunnel I've been through the keys were a gift
For this I know because it's what I came with
The day I was born I knew of the shift
When the fourth door closes .. you can walk in the fifth

Rhamonda Monae is a mother, self publisher and healer. She uses her writing to help connect with people spiritually and mentally. She plans on using her writing as a platform for people to feel more open and accepting of themselves.