God is a Woman

poems by Evany Martinez

God is a Woman

God is a Womxn.
You can't tell me any different.
Tectonic plates in our hips shifting.
Birthed an ungrateful nation.
Flowers killing seeds.

Don't Mess With Fire

Every witch you burned at
the stake lives within me.
I hear them scream so
loud my body trembles.
Together we will shake
the Earth and you will
regret the day you
learned what fire was.

Six Crows

Six crows circle my body.
Looking for a spirit to inhibit
but they cannot make a home
out of silent dreams and bone
fragments. I am intangible.
Even in death.

Evany Martinez is a poet residing in San Diego, California. She is a student at Southwestern College, where she is majoring in Journalism. Her work was recently published in Genre Urban Arts Magazine. You can find her on Instagram @spellboundpoetry and on Twitter @spellboundpoet. You can also read more of her writing and future projects on her website: https://www.poetrynirvana.com