Kittenscopes, May 5th to May 18th


Happy Taurus Season, Kittens! In addition to your weekly Kittenscopes, enjoy this curated
#meowlist dedicated to Taurus season to get you in the mood with some sensual Taurus flow.

TAURUS #meowlist


The passing of an auspicious new moon sprinkled the luck you’ve been looking for.
What lays at your fingertips is already in your grasp.
Make the heavens proud.


Although your vibrancy has seemed amplified lately, it’s still brewing.
Let prudence precede anything you put into motion.
You will steam when you’re ready.


Don’t pick it up just to put it back down.
If it feels good in your hands, it will feel good to your soul.
Wear an amethyst to ward off negativity.


There is a difference of intention between letting go
and ignoring the inevitable. Don’t let the guilt take up space on your shoulder.
Use something yellow for the answer to your question.


When things don’t happen on your timeline,
be more gracious for patience.
Gratitude can be a magnet. A fresh flower for a fresh week.


The appearance of confidence will give way to the true feeling.
Use your discernment to filter out the impurities.
Give into a whim.


Exchanging glances with your past won’t help you avoid the future.
Take each step slowly with intent. Black tourmaline for your perception.


The new stream of abundance has left you more grateful than ever,
but there is an overbearing sense of responsibility that is on your back.
Have a stretch. It’s not going anywhere.



Ride the high of creative energy
that is teeming around you.
Save room for your passion at the end of each day.
Dance where no one can see you.


A moody mellow energy may have found its way inside your door.
Taste the nectar of a cloyingly sweet optimist to balance your bitter thoughts.
It will be just a dream by the morning.



A sudden spark of inspiration has jolted you awake.
An opportunity given is an opportunity received.
Say yes to three things.


Breaking the rhythm of routine
can give you the fresh start that you’re craving.
Give every idea in your head a proper home.
Citrine to invigorate.


cover art by Ameya’s Realm

Greta Von Voss is a contributing writer and resident astrology poet for Pussy Magic.

She is a synesthete who has a passion for painting and embroidery. Born with a veil over her face, Greta loves the beauty of all things spiritual and intuitive. Her current journey is learning the realms of tarot and dream interpretation. Greta currently resides in the Appalachian foothills of Georgia with her husband and two dogs.

You can find her musings on Instagram and her blog.