Kittenscopes, October 7-13

Theme: Constellations


After you celebrate your victories at Ara’s altar,
take a well deserved break.
October won’t disappoint you.


Even though you are weary,
your bright eyes still light up your path.
Carina gives you a burst of energy.
Don’t stop.


Like the Southern Fish,
let social delights pour
into you. Your playful spirit
is awake and at the ready.


Vela has steered you
into your destiny. Sleep peacefully
for making the right choice before
celebrating with people who love you.


You’re ready
to cut through the air
like Sagitta. Aim steady
before you pull back your bowstrings.


Auriga, the inventor, was raised to the heavens
for his ingenuity. Find your own sun’s chariot
and blaze across the sky.



Lightning never strikes the same place twice
and neither should you. Hold the bolt
in your talons like Aquila and wait
until the time is right.


It’s easy to put work aside
when you can find romance in anything.
The beauty you see in the trees
waiting for the wind
can be yours if you give it time.
Wait to throw your Northern Crown to the sky.



You haven’t been visited
by structure in a while.
It’s time.
Let Pyxis organize your
dreams and ambitions.



Things are falling apart to be put back together.
Listening to Equuleus will help you hide out
to weather the storm.


Treat your routine
like a set square to
make things perfect. There’s much to be done
and Norma will help you.


You’re being pulled
in two different directions
without realizing you have a choice. You always do.
Think about what you want and
find Eridanus in the sky.



Greta Von Voss is a contributing writer and resident astrology poet for Pussy Magic. She is a synesthete who has a passion for painting and embroidery. Born with a veil over her face, Greta loves the beauty of all things spiritual and intuitive. Her current journey is learning the realms of tarot and dream interpretation. Greta currently resides in the Appalachian foothills of Georgia with her husband and two dogs. You can find her musings on Instagram and her blog.