ode to a new worshipping of the cunt

poems by Kristine Esser Slentz

movement, gentlewoman

soft ribs appreciate muscles to gape up
observing the ascending white ceiling sunset
screaming in kerosene-colligated colors
like the blood-spotting left on these king linens
a rooster’s night has come cackling now
and this shades broadcast is its evidence

like journalists coded inked evidence
read between unchangeable elbows up
can’t but to cry over clinching covers now
wishing this refuse spell would give its sunset
so confinement beneath cellblock linens
with an assorted surprise of gasping colors

not the comfort of an uptown dancer’s colors
or the contentment of a guild pigeon’s evidence
instead pinned on push-springs in treated linens
wishing more good legs and eyes dangling up
casting another end life’s dreaming sunset
the mattress’s heartbeat ghost breathes now

knowing there is no honor quivering now
aware of red costs in our rainbow colors
facing enveloped straightness at year’s sunset
kill of touch towering retrospective evidence
climb lower animal breath pending stands up
that’s right, for hire washes your stained linens

mine and her justice waters lost our linens
mother’s fingers are nightmare wary now
kitchen utterances of mated fear, what’s up
dousing includes regret and walking magic colors
fire humans can’t smoke wound evidence
the foot drops and will cast his lost sunset

then weeping council’s approach to stalk sunset
release cloud-forehead of compound cage linens
no taking sideways walk, slippery-haired evidence
steel heavens of women breaking method now
elasticity of milk grass and rod light colors
permission love and lush view, won’t gave up

think room of stopped mega moons time’s up
turning forever heat-lamp constellation colors
the sky is sick, me too, it’s her body’s space now

ode to a new
worshipping of
the cunt.

gazes meet.

rests on this
throne while
you kneel
serving us
both best.

spread your
teeth and bare
the soft, wet
muscle inside
your mouth
that is
for my

hands will
tighten on
wooden frames
and yours
on the
floor boards.

allow you
to enjoy
the feast I
provide that
you came
to me and
begged for.

smile as I
feel all
the benefits
of glory,
I then
my fingers
to the top
of your head
to bless your
gifts of lust.

you are
happy to accept
once you have
my majesty
that gives

finish with you
and then give
a nod to rise,
you come to
your shaking
feet and eyes
cast glances
waiting for
that I grant
upon soft
words and
slow gestures.

gazes meet,
a means
to our end.

KRISTINE ESSER SLENTZ is originally from northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area, or what’s lovingly called “The Region.”  Kristine is a Purdue University alum who studied English literature and creative writing. Currently, Kristine is earning her MFA in creative writing (poetry) at City College of New York. She is also the Assistant Editor for the online poetry publication Unfold Magazine, and the Features Manager for the poet's community The Harbor through The Speakeasy Project. Her poetry has appeared in Bold City Literary MagazineThe New Southern Fugitives, and then Flying Island Journal where she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.