poems by Lyn Patterson


Every time it pains you
to hold back
tears from your eyes
that water
is also a cleansing element
given by the universe
in abundance
to wash away
jagged seashells
with the tide.


You had two faces
I tried to love them both
Convinced myself
they existed in harmony.
One of them made loving you easy...
The other whispered fantastic lies in my ear...
My heart grew full
with whimsical tragedies
and catastrophic wishes.
Until I realized your
did not exist in unison.
Gave it many second chances
enticed by fire and ice.
You have two faces
I’ve mourned them both twice.

For When Your Find Someone to Harness the Chaos

I struggle with
self control
urges which cause
friction at best
at its worst.
There are certain kinds
of men
attracted to this level
of mayhem.

The self deprecating
Loves the chaos
Seeks company in commiserating
Plays the victim
He feeds off of tension
Tries to fix you
Because he’s broken
Both knowing your desires are misaligned.
Guilty pleasures
Force one to leave, out of pity

The contender
Loves to play games
Sees emotions as a war
between winners and losers
Revels in the danger
of watching another
lose their mind
and question the very nature
of what it means to be
This one will leave you, and you’ll foot the bill

The dedicated
Loves you
For all you are
despite your flaws
sticks around because to him
You are magic
And therefore perfection
Provides consistency
and simplicity
and sparks still fly
which allows you to be vulnerable
I’ve only ever met one, I call him home.


Lyn is a deeply invigorated poet who delves into the themes of self-love, identity, overcoming trauma, accepting your wild and learning to listen to your intuition. She is a 30 year old poet, dancer, and teacher originally from Seattle, Washington. She currently travels the world while teaching online classes to aspiring teachers. Lyn has been writing since first grade and has found ways to voice and overcome trauma in her poetry. She firmly believes that writing is a form of healing for both author and reader. She is specifically inspired to write about women who are marginalized in our society as a means of empowering future generations with their stories.