the siren's heart

poetry by Lauren Walsburg

i ate up my own heart
no vein or valve was spared
sinew and sin disappeared
leaving an empty cavity behind

then i met a siren
she told me a tale of my future
the despair to come and the hope to be smothered
she laughed –
i wept
time froze
i ripped out her heart
and wrote a new future for myself upon it

i plunged her heart into my empty cavity
it sat there nice and snug

she swore to obey me
and i swore to keep her heart safe
but the darkness crept back in
with nothing to keep it at bay

so once again i ate up my own heart
the one that had once belonged to the siren
i ate it until nothing was left
and the siren took her last breath

Lauren Walsburg is an Australian writer, editor, and artist. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming in Skive Magazine, The Mystic Blue Review, Umbel & Panicle, The Green Light and Riggwelter. She is the Prose Editor of Cauldron Anthology and Minute Magazine, Blog Editor/Interview Correspondent for The Cerurove and Copy Editor of Newfound. Her debut poetry collection Ink Stained Heart was released in April 2017.