Kitten Spotlight: Karolina Rose


We’re shown that Girl Power is not just a trend to be left in the 90’s thanks to Karolina Rose and her latest EP, INVICTUS. (Scroll down to listen while you read!)

Here at Pussy Magic, we’re all about authenticity–empowerment–reclamation of self–independence–and pursuing our ultimate dreams. Karolina Rose stepped away from Wall Street to pursue her love for music and we Stan a fierce woman who isn’t afraid to chase what she loves!

Who not only isn’t afraid, but actually does it… I think this speaks to the collective of women as a whole: that we all deserve to be and do what we love and want regardless of various obstacles including our own self-sabotage.

Karolina Rose encourages us to bravely break free.

The first song on the EP, “Crystal Gem,” sparks independence and empowerment as she announces to the world that:

“no one can stop me now from doing what I wanna do.”

yas queen broad city

We should all have that take-on-the-world attitude without letting anyone or anything get in our way. This is an inspiring and upbeat anthem you can sing to in the shower, dance to while you’re getting ready, and feel truly empowered in your convictions.

“Crystal Gem” is a great reminder that YOU ARE WORTHY of your wildest dreams.

I love the line, “the moment that the focus came,” because I think we all reach a point where we stop messing around with our lives and our passions to really focus on being the best version of ourselves that we can be.

For those who strive for MORE than a regular day job (nothing wrong with those who enjoy that either!) or people who are on creative pursuits, it’s a pretty inspiring and uplifting song.

“Nothing else matters,” she sings in my personal favorite song from the EP, “Love Crazy.”

Karolina Rose

Karolina asks us, “what would you do for love?”

Romance aside, because that is what this song revolves around, I want to dig deeper into that question: What would you do for LOVE? For the love of yourself? To do what you love? How do you romance yourself and your goals? Before you reflect in your journal, let’s explore the rest of this energetic EP!

After some romantic reflections we move into our next empowering anthem, “Going to Berlin,” about more independent women who are CHOOSING THEMSELVES and choosing a better life. Women who are going to follow their hearts, do what they need to do to take care of themselves, and we are HERE FOR IT.

Besides, I’m always an advocate of traveling and exploring the planet. It’s how we grow the most! This song is another upbeat song for you to shake your booty to and feel inspired by. When you need a boost of confidence, INVICTA is a remedy.

Then we move into a slower but still electric song, “Downhill,” a thoughtful reflection on holding yourself up through trials and holding onto the determination to keep going.

“So easy for fear to take control, so easy to close your eyes,” YES it’s easy, but what’s easy isn’t always worth it. “Don’t look down,” and don’t doubt yourself!

Don’t sleep, Kittens! Karolina Rose has an important message for all of us, and shows us that through love and perseverance, we can all have what we desire. Sometimes we have to make immense sacrifices to do what we truly love, be with who we love, and embrace the risk to have everything we desire.

If you like to sing, like to dance, and are seeking some new jams before the summer begins, check out INVICTA and move with Karolina Rose!

Samantha’s top 3 from invicta:

  1. Love Crazy

  2. Move With Me

  3. Going to Berlin


The Creatress and Editor in Chief of Pussy Magic, Samantha is a poet, author, and editor originally from the Bay Area with immense passion for healing self-expression, community, and positively changing the lives of women through holistic healing and honoring our sacred selves: mind, body, and spirit. She is also the columnist of #SoulbitsOnFire at Tiny Flames Press and host of #SatinSoulbits, a podcast on sex, wellness, and womanhood. 

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