Water Sign, July 10th 1993, 6:53 AM, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

by Jacob Budenz

an elephant invites you
to touch his trunk
after you’ve shared
a cup of shaved ice

urges you

yell into my giant ears
he says

you step triumphantly
into the 90,000
gallon fish tank

i am uncomfortable with masculine gender performance
long periods of silence
bottomless brunches

sorry it’s just

i am pursuing a personal understanding of mysticism
long-form metafiction
meals alone at busy restaurants
the theremin

bubbles froth at your fingertips
seaweed spills from your lips
eels curl at your ankles
brine kisses your neck

and you smile
alone but not

Jacob Budenz is a writer, multi-disciplinary performer, and witch currently completing an MFA at University of New Orleans. The author of PASTEL WITCHERIES (Seven Kitchens Press) and Spellwork for the Modern Pastel Witch (forthcoming by Birds Piled Loosely), Jacob has recent work in Liminality, Glittership, Slipstream Press, and Mason Jar Press's Broken Metropolis anthology. Find more at http://jakebeearts.com/, and stay tuned for more work from Jacob in our Hallow’s Eve issue!