Saved Life

poem by Gabrielle Lawrence

I want to live a saved life

The trembling kind

/Like when grandma took me to service
on 60th and Crenshaw and the ushers marched
down a freshly bloodied carpet to shoulder
our offerings
to the Lord and the flowers on their hats danced
in the spiritual light of stench black
sequins while I clapped my hands and moaned
the hymns and tried to catch
the Spirit/

Instead I am sitting outside in a lightning storm                                        trying to have faith.

Moon is laughing
gay as the sunset queen         still
heavy with the secrets of

Gabrielle Lawrence is a writer and editor. Her writing can be found in The Squawk Back, Rising Phoenix Review, Gravel Magazine, A Gathering Together Journal, Sundog Lit, and others. Even when she isn't doing the most, she is still in the spirit of much. Follow her on Twitter @gabrielle__l or visit for more info.