The Sun, the Stars, the Moon


poem by Ciara Banks

I long for the days where there are no obligations and nothing to be done.

I can grab my towel and shades and go lay out in the sun.

It’s glistening off my melanin, I grab my book and settle in.

The breeze is cool my skin, the salty air wispy and thin.

The day turns to dusk,and brings with it in insatiable musk.

I change out of my cover-up, with this night air it’s much too thin. I’m ready to go out, it’s a

great evening for a spin and we can spend our night living in sin...

As long as the seats can go down,

we can find a private place where we won’t be found.

I can see the reflection of the night sky in your eyes,

and in between us I can feel your hardness on my thigh.

You whisper in my ear to just let go,

I have nothing to fear.

Your soft caresses send me your sultry message.

You tell me you want me right now,

right here and you call me near.

We taste each other‘s lips, tongues twisting and taking sips.

I couldn’t resist the urge to strip,

you held me with such a needy grip.

It’s as if nothing exist around us,

the air smells of honeysuckle and lust,

this alone time is a must.

You tell me to come ride you, my body I once tried to hide from you,

Is on full display under the moons gauzy rays.

I’ve never felt more beautiful than in those moments when I was most unsuitable,

with each thrust, brought with it a head rush

my head was spinning

( give me a moment I’m currently reliving)

over and over you bring me to the cusp,

the animal in me comes out, giving me the innate need to shout.

We’re grinding each other,

deeply connected to one another,

my whole body experiences a pleasurable shudder,

and we fall onto each other, I couldn’t imagine this with any other.

Smoothly you pull out a flannel cover,

for all this pleasure I’m bound to suffer,

you were my most perfect lover.


Ciara Banks is a 25 years old from a little Suburb just outside of Washington DC. She graduated from Radford University in 2015, and ever since has tried to make sense of her life as she deals with the struggle of a unsatisfying 9-5 job she tolerates by day dreaming of being a true poet one day.