Do You Know of the Thunder God?


poem by Adeogo Adedeji

Sango olukoso
Akata yeri yeri
Arabambi oko oya... 

Yes    but do you know of him
Of his dreary quest to the haunted fields
Baby you look sexy in antlers and
When you smile your eyes sparkle like a deer's
What I am trying to say is I met a deer once
And her hoofbeats were as serene as the ocean
It's a little too easy to loose oneself at sea
To be stranded   and encircled by the vastness of the ocean. 

Sango got lost in the woods once
They say he ran into a reindeer
And succumbed to the elegance of her strides
And worshipped   at her antlers  say
What manner of man eats a cat without saying grace
Grace let it reverberate in your bones
How God poured himself into a deer
Letting loose  bound to her antlers. 

Do you know of the thunder god?
Sango olukoso
Akata yeri yeri
Arabambi oko oya... 

Yes   those antlers look good on you and
I am trying to tell you  sango found his fire
In a reindeer  he rode in battles and vanquished
Many a foe  and I guess you are my fire.




ADEDEJI, Adeogo Benjamin. A young poet who resides Ibadan, Nigeria. He loves playing chess, writing and reading poetry. His work can be found in the 3rd volume of the Night music journal. Find him on twitter @khorosiv.