Ego Dump & Chez

visual art by Krizia Bruno

titled,  Ego Dump . ink on bristol paper.

titled, Ego Dump. ink on bristol paper.


titled,  Chez . ink on bristol paper.

titled, Chez. ink on bristol paper.

Krizia Isamar Bruno is an artist, editor, and writer born and raised in Brooklyn, who decided to unpack her bags in Pittsburgh, PA. Her creations feature a magical and diverse world where moms and daughters live for and against each other.

She is the founder of Ofrendas Press, an independent publishing press focused on creating handmade books and publications by women of Latinx, African, and/or Indigenous heritage. Her first self-published work, Dominicana Americana, is available for pre-order at the Ofrendas Shop.

More of Krizia’s work can be found on