Submissions are currently closed, Kittens. We apologize for any inconvenience! We will announce when they return.

Before submitting, please read all of the fine print.
We encourage you to break the mold. When in doubt, send it our way.

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☥ What we are wild about

  • We are passionate about storytelling. We want to hear your stories.

  • We love the gritty, the edgy, the passionate, the raw, the magical, the witchy.

  • We are a home for the spiritual, the occult, nature-loving, the witchy, and more... but your piece doesn't have to be "spiritual" per sé. Cultural critique also welcome! Book reviews welcome! Interviews welcome!

Some of what we're looking for

  • Nature moments, your interactions with the fairies and other realms, a conversation you had with your animal totem(s), an interview with your higher self, travel experiences, stories of motherhood/sisterhood/tribe or lackthereof, sexuality or lackthereof!, film analysis, health and wellness aka Sacred Self Care, DIY, rituals, your own spiritual experiences, the occult, anarchist poetry (or, really, poetry of any kind), fiction/non-fiction prose, manifestos, playlists, songs, visual art, and more. Show us your visions!

☥ Guidelines

  • All submissions must be in .doc(x) files - no PDFs please

  • Poetry: Up to 5 poems

  • Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction: 1-3 pieces, no more than 3,000 words each

  • Flash Fiction: Up to 3 pieces, no more than 333 words each

  • Article: Please send us a thoughtful pitch with a sample, or full article if you've already written it with any applicable photos.

  • Visual Art: All mediums welcome! Please send most high-quality image possible.

  • Video/Audio: We love spoken word! We love short films! We love music videos! Please no more than 10 minutes.

  • Op-Ed: Have an opinion on something? A read on a pop culture moment/album/TV show (or specific episode)/film? Thoughts on a current event? Pitch it to us! If time sensitive, please put that in the subject.

☥ How to Submit

  • E-mail us with your work with TYPE OF SUBMISSION_Name in the subject and include a short bio. Intentional, thoughtful, and personalized e-mails are encouraged.

  • We currently accept simultaneous submissions, just please let us know ASAP if your work as been accepted elsewhere.

  • We accept previously published work, just please let us know where to credit first (even if it's from your own blog!).

☥ We are a love-inclusive publication 

We welcome work from all intersections and identities, however we do not tolerate any racism, sexism, violence, or hate/hate speech of any kind.

This is a safe, sacred space and global community for all loving identities.

☥ Copyright

We are merely a vessel for your beautiful work. Writers maintain copyright but please inform us before republishing content.

We ask that the next publisher provides credit and links back to your blog post with Pussy Magic as the first publisher of your beautiful work.

☥ Editing

If sending an article, please send us POLISHED pieces. We are your editors, not your writers. We will run through an editing process with you to correct grammar, edit structure, and fact-check content.

For creative work, we may ask clarifying questions if something seems like a typo or for consistency, otherwise we will trust your creativity and style choices.

Special offering: If interested, we are happy to give feedback on where a poem can be further edited vs. flat-out rejection. We offer this service for free and if you know you are not one to handle critique well, please do not ask for this service. Please specify if you're open to this if you are, and if we are leaning toward rejection we may offer this instead.

☥ Response Time

As we are very small currently and volunteer-based, we are so grateful for your patience, but our goal is to give prompt replies within a few days to a few months.

☥ Our Calendar

Monthly shares:

Please send your submissions/pitches to This e-mail is for submissions only.

All other inquiries, see our contact page. 😽