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Pussy is a Taboo Word...

in our society used in reference to being weak. Pussy Magic is here to reclaim that word into strength, power, autonomy, choice, ferocity, magic, and the many other qualities that make us so. Our goal in general is to inspire, uplift, and to bring comfort and magic to your life. 

Pussy Magic was created to inspire all women/womxn (but really, all people) to embrace the magic of our selves, our wombs if we have them, our inner goddess, divine feminine, divine masculine, and our cycles. We are more than a vagina, or a womb, but we are all of it. Masculine and Feminine Divine. Light and Dark. Where once there was duality and polarity there is now integration. We are sacred, and we are more than our bodies, we are more than merely human. That being said, while we are in these human vessels, why not make it as enjoyable as possible?

Our passion is all that encompasses what it means to be divine, a womxn, a goddess, a witch, a deity within ourselves, a higher power that dwells inside of us. We are passionate about holistic health, womenโ€™s safety, sisterhood, and breaking the mold. Stepping out of systems that don't resonate or serve us and get back into ourselves so we can thrive.

Our aim for this coven + lit mag is to share ideas, stories, tall tales, magic, love, holistic healing, and access for women to have a platform where they may not feel comfortable anywhere else. This is a safe space for everyone who resonates and supports all that we are, including all LGBTQIA+, gender, and racial identities. Pussy Magic is for us to have a safe space to explore the magic of life.

We are here to reclaim, reimagine, redefine, and heal. Join us.



felix-russell-saw-140699 (1).jpg


in each womxn
lives a wolf
with ferocious spirit
once stifled by certain society
awoken by inner burning
defiance to submit
to be silenced, dismissed
in each howl
a cry
intelligent and free
— samantha rose, creatress of pussy magic

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