Springtime Boost with Amethyst Oil

As Spring approaches, our motivations and awakening begins while the Earth thaws and is reborn. This birth symbolizes new beginnings, creativity, productivity, and physical, emotional, and spiritual cleanliness. Winter may still linger, so spiritual boosts are extremely beneficial in this vulnerable time of universal transition. This is when I use amethyst oil to aid in communication, creative endeavors, focus, and emotional control.

Amethyst Oil

Uses: memory and focus, aids communication, clears negativity, purifies, boosts artistic creativity, protection, healing, bad dreams, self-control, emotional intelligence.


  • Full moon charged amethyst chunk or chips

  • Grapeseed oil

  • Hibiscus flowers (self love, harmony, divination)

  • Rosemary sprig (focus, memory)

  • Jasmine essential oil or absolute (lunar magic, water element, sensuality)

  • Grapefruit essential oil (concentration)

  • Lavender buds or essential oil (inner peace, dream magic)


  1. Let rosemary sprig, lavender buds (if using), and hibiscus flowers sit in the grapeseed oil for 24 hours.

  2. Add amethyst and essential oil(s) to a small bottle.

  3. Strain herbs out and add oil infusion to bottle.

  4. Gently shake to mix and let set. Shake everyday for a week.

  5. You can use a dropper or rollerball vial to anoint yourself, especially your crown and third eye chakras.

Amethyst sharpens your intuition, so let it guide how much of each or which ingredients to use for your needs. Magic is important to personalize! After all, no one can copy your energy and intentions.

Jenna is poet, candle hoarder, psychic empath, and witch from suburban Philadelphia. She is a daughter of many paths including Norse heathenism, Celtic paganism, Hellenismos, espiritismo and brujería, and Southern rootwork. She is born of sea and storm, and is passionate about using witchcraft and words to balance light and dark, beautiful and ugly. She tweets @northernbruja and can be found at jennavelez.weebly.com.