Banishing Powder

Whether it’s spring cleaning or preparing for the next Mercury retrograde, banishing powder is in the every Southern rootwork practitioner’s arsenal for protection and aggressive magic. Keep away an annoying ex, cast unwanted spirits out of your house: Bullshit, be gone!


to banish negative entities, spirits, people, curses, etc.


  • 2 parts cayenne pepper

  • 1 part cinnamon

  • 1 part black salt

  • ½ part black pepper

  • ½ part cascarilla

  • ½ part sage

  • Pinch of crushed myrrh OR dragon’s blood (optional)

Sprinkle across the path of someone you want to banish from your life, use it in a loose incense after hedge riding, divination, or death/afterlife work to keep evil away.

Jenna is poet, candle hoarder, psychic empath, and witch from suburban Philadelphia. She is a daughter of many paths including Norse heathenism, Celtic paganism, Hellenismos, espiritismo and brujería, and Southern rootwork. She is born of sea and storm, and is passionate about using witchcraft and words to balance light and dark, beautiful and ugly. She tweets @northernbruja and can be found at