Winter Witchings: Meowlist and Magical Activities

As we learn once again to live in the hazy cold white sunlight of frosty winters, we may feel the loss of that warm spark of inspiration in our craft. Whatever path you follow, there are still ways to integrate your witchcraft into daily winter life:

  • Using lotions infused with essential oils or scents that warm you up and recharge your energy. I like using citrus for concentration and mint for connection with the cool changes in nature.

  • You can make a sleepytime spritz with lavender water, or use lavender essential oil in a diffuser while making your bed to promote restful sleep. After all, winter is the time for hibernation! Making sachets with dried lavender buds can be placed in your pillowcase for dreamy scents all night long.

  • Replace any water used in regular rituals with snow. This will manifest the bond with nature in any spells that you do. Snow can also be used to symbolize purity, melting a heart or walls built, or causing them to “freeze over.”

  • Try meditating on deities specifically associated with this time of year. Being known for its cold nordic setting, the Norse pantheon has plenty of gods and goddesses to work with.

With these icy ideas in mind, I created a playlist for all your witchy wonderland needs. “Winter” is an ode to the cuddlers and fireplace-huddlers. Those moody, broody winter blues perfect for sweaters, a good book, and watching the snowfall out the window. For me, the clean smell of winter is pine trees, fresh morning snow, and peppermint. The seasonal sadness or the childlike joy. The Yuletide wild hunt of blood red berries and forest creatures. This is what I wanted to embody in this playlist. I think we all become these creatures, made of merry and mountain. Cups full of hot chocolate, coffee, tea, mulled wine. Hearts full of the feeling of that hazy purple sky that never goes black in December, where the streetlights illuminate marshmallow blizzards.

Come step into the world of acoustic warmth and cold shimmer. This is: “Winter.”


Jenna is poet, candle hoarder, psychic empath, and witch from suburban Philadelphia. She is a daughter of many paths including Norse heathenism, Celtic paganism, Hellenismos, espiritismo and brujería, and Southern rootwork. She is born of sea and storm, and is passionate about using witchcraft and words to balance light and dark, beautiful and ugly. She tweets @northernbruja and can be found at