The Black Garden Curse Jar

Crafted by Effy Winter

Witch’s Note: The following spell is a curse. Please do not craft this spell jar if you are uncomfortable with hexing or if doing so does not align with your personal practice of witchcraft.

The Black Garden Curse Jar was crafted for victims of sexual assault/rape as a way for them to take back their own power and release their pain upon their abuser through magic. The intention behind this spell is to inflict chaos and misfortune upon the target. Please proceed with caution.

This curse jar is meant to be a garden for your pain. Plant your suffering inside of the jar and allow it to help the curse bloom. Any anguish that is bred within you as a result of the assault will penetrate the heart of your abuser like a vicious thorn. Along with feeling your agony, they may also experience unnerving dread, shame and helplessness.

Important: As with any curse, craft this spell jar after midnight when you sense that your intended target is asleep. They will be more vulnerable to your witchcraft during this time.

Supplies needed:

  • glass jar

  • taglock

  • black salt

  • dirt

  • iron nails

  • dried thistle

  • black pepper

  • calamus root

  • poppy seed

  • wormwood

  • thorns


Place the taglock in the bottom of the jar (this can be your abuser’s hair, nail clippings, etc.). If you do not have access to any of these things, simply write their name on a piece of paper, burn it and use the ashes in place of a taglock. This binds the curse to your abuser. Cover the taglock or ashes with a layer of black salt.

Fill the glass jar with a heavy layer of dirt to help your curse flourish. Add a pinch of each of your herbs – dried thistle, black pepper, calamus root, poppy seed, and wormwood. Listen to your intuition while doing this. If you get a feeling that your curse jar needs more of a certain ingredient, don’t hesitate to add extra.

Add the iron nails, poking them down through the herbs and dirt towards the taglock.

Cover all of the ingredients in the jar with a layer of thorns (ideally, these should be taken from the stem of a white rose).

Hold the jar, filling it with your suffering and intentions. Focus on what kinds of misfortune you want your attacker to endure. Take your time doing this.

When you’re ready, seal the curse jar tightly. Never open it. You may leave it upon a shelf/altar for as long as you need to. At times when you are experiencing heightened emotional (or physical) pain as a result of the attack that was inflicted upon you, shake the jar to stir up more distress and chaos in your abuser’s life.

After you have crafted your curse jar, make sure to cleanse yourself and your home.

Remember that this curse may be broken when/if the witch feels it is appropriate to do so.

The Black Garden Curse Jar was crafted by Effy Winter, Love Witch for Pussy Magic.

*Pussy Magic and Effy Winter are not responsible for any results of practice and spellwork. Results may vary, and the spell listed should only be cast by those with the knowledge and reverence for doing so. When handling herbs, always do so with caution and use a mask and gloves. We do not say “proceed with caution” lightly.

Contributing Writer and Love Witch for Pussy Magic, Effy is a romantic poet and sex magic practitioner who teaches the art of witchcraft to women around the world. She is exceptionally skilled in blood magic and uses her natural abilities to conjure fiery gods of lust and power in an effort to help women indulge in and embrace their sexuality. When she is not performing ritual or birthing her sickly poetry, Effy can be found worshipping by candlelight, tending to the sallow flowerbeds inside of her ribcage or praying to a vicious god. Find out more at