Lovers' Ointment & Ritual

The Lover's Exorcism Potion

Crafted by Effy Winter

Bloodmilk is crafted for use throughout a sex ritual to provoke an exorcism of lovers’ passion, pain and spirit during intercourse. When orgasm occurs for both partners after a bloodmilk bathing, they empty their vitality into one another, forming an inseverable bond. This potion should only be concocted and used during ritual by those who truly long for an undying intimacy and connection to their beloved. Please proceed with caution.*

Important: This potion must be made during the beginning of your menstrual cycle.

Supplies needed:

  • glass jar

  • sewing needles, for spirit penetration

  • menstrual blood, for fertility of love / an offering

  • arousal fluids, to form the bond

  • rose water, to attract love

  • scarlet sage (red salvia), for lust and purification

  • red rose, for desire

  • bing cherries, to invoke pleasure

  • Devil’s Claw root powder, for inducing an exorcism

  • Damiana, for lust and desire

Rosewater Recipe

Remove rose petals from stems and run them under lukewarm water to remove any leftover residue. 

Add petals to a large pot and top with enough distilled water to just cover (no more or you’ll dilute your rosewater) over medium-low heat bring the water to a simmer and cover. 

Let simmer for 20-30 minutes or until petals have lost their color and are a pale pink. 
Strain the mixture to separate the petals from the water. 
Discard petals and place water in a glass jar to store.


To begin, fill the glass jar with 2 cups of homemade rose water. 

Add a fresh red rose (stem does not need to be included) and a generous amount of red salvia
(also known as scarlet sage). 

Using a mortar and pestle, blend a handful of cherries and 1/8 teaspoon of Damiana (for desire, lust and unconditional love). Blend until cherry juice is formed and the fruit is split. Pour this into the glass jar.

Infuse the potion with a pinch of Devil’s Claw root powder to induce exorcism during ritual. 

Next, smear a small amount of fresh menstrual blood upon your fingertips and stir into the glass jar to promote fertility of love and romance (it is also used as an offering to the gods and your lover). 

Follow by summoning arousal between yourself and your partner to produce sexual fluids. Smear your secretion upon a sewing needle and ask your partner to do the same using a separate needle with their own fluids. Please use caution while handling sharp objects. 

Add the coated needles into the glass jar (these are used to influence penetration of the spirit into another during the ritual). 

Close the jar and shake the bloodmilk mixture gently. Let potion saturate. 
Remove and discard needles before ritual!

Bloodmilk Reaping
The Lover's Exorcism Ritual

Crafted by Effy Winter

1. Cast a circle of black salt to keep the energy exchanged during the ritual confined to your sacred space and prevent outside forces from penetrating. 

2. Surround yourself and your partner with several red candles. 

3. If you long to summon a deity or spirit during your ritual, now would be the time to draw your chosen sigils with chalk in the confines of the circle. 

Note: For this ritual, I would suggest playing music composed by Peter Gundry.

4. Stand face to face with your partner and make sure you have the bloodmilk potion within reach. Please make sure the sewing needles have been removed from the bloodmilk mixture before you use it!

5. Tie a black blindfold around your head to cover your eyes and ask your lover to do the same.

6. Begin by blindly touching your partner, feeling their flesh and the spirit that lives within them. 

7. Pour the bloodmilk upon their body, using your hands to intimately bathe them in the potion. 

8. Whisper your intentions and embrace the intimacy that is spawned from the act you are performing. 

9. Your lover must do the same, coating your flesh cage in the bloodmilk mixture. 

10. Initiate the act of foreplay and follow with sex/intercourse. If you long to experiment with combining pleasure and pain, this invokes heavy power during a sex ritual (though this is not necessary).

11. During orgasm, envision your souls pouring into one another. 

12. You may recite your own invocation to your partner or use the one provided below:

Bloodmilk potion and The Lovers’ Exorcism Ritual was created by Effy Winter, Love Witch for PUSSY MAGIC. 
Rose Water recipe found at

*Pussy Magic and Effy Winter are not responsible for any results of practice and ritual. Results may vary and all rituals listed should only be done by those with the knowledge and reverence for doing so. We do not say "proceed with caution" lightly.

Contributing Writer and Love Witch for Pussy Magic, Effy is a romantic poet and sex magic practitioner who teaches the art of witchcraft to women around the world. She is exceptionally skilled in blood magic and uses her natural abilities to conjure fiery gods of lust and power in an effort to help women indulge in and embrace their sexuality. When she is not performing ritual or birthing her sickly poetry, Effy can be found worshipping by candlelight, tending to the sallow flowerbeds inside of her ribcage or praying to a vicious god. Find out more at