Lust & Fertility Spell


  • red apple, pomegranate

  • blood (or blackberry)

  • red rose petals

  • cinnamon

  • rose oil

  • red lovers figure candle

  • locks of hair

  • red thread

  • sewing needle


At your altar, light a red lovers figure candle. Allow this candle to burn down to complete your spell (never leave a flame unattended).

For this spell, you may use either an apple or a pomegranate. If your desire is to invoke lust and fertility, use a pomegranate. 

Split the apple (or pomegranate) in half. On one half of the fruit, place a lock of your hair and on the other half—your lover’s hair. Place a fresh red rose petal and a pinch of cinnamon on each half. 

Seal each lock of hair, rose petals and cinnamon to the fruit with a few drops of blood (while the use of blood in this spell is important for binding, if you are uncomfortable with this method you may use blackberry juice as a substitute). Carefully place the two halves of the fruit back together.

With a sewing needle and red thread, sew the apple or pomegranate back together (remember to revel in the lust you are harnessing as you do this). Allow your passion and desire to pour into the spell. If you have an incantation or poem to recite, do this now.

Coat the apple/pomegranate in rose oil and leave it on your altar. Your spell will manifest until the fruit rots—when this occurs, dispose of the fruit by burying it in the woods.

Succubus’ Kiss Lust Spell was crafted by Effy Winter, Love Witch for Pussy Magic.

Pussy Magic and Effy Winter are not responsible for any results of practice and spellwork. Results may vary.

Contributing Writer and Love Witch for Pussy Magic, Effy is a romantic poet and sex magic practitioner who teaches the art of witchcraft to women around the world. She is exceptionally skilled in blood magic and uses her natural abilities to conjure fiery gods of lust and power in an effort to help women indulge in and embrace their sexuality. When she is not performing ritual or birthing her sickly poetry, Effy can be found worshipping by candlelight, tending to the sallow flowerbeds inside of her ribcage or praying to a vicious god. Find out more at