January Tarotscope: Legacy and Collaboration

3 of Moons + Wanderer of Moons

photo via Dani Simone

photo via Dani Simone

Happy New Year, Kittens!

We’ve finally made it out of the intense year that was 2018 and we’re moving into more enjoyable times ahead. That’s not to say that 2019 won’t have its challenges just like any other year. However, our approach to obstacles this year will be a little more light-hearted, creative, and solution-oriented. Numerologists consider 2019 a universal 3 year—a number associated with expression, joy, and collaboration. This inspiring energy coupled with the support of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn will help you lay the foundation for a new cycle of your life that will set the tone for many years to come. The Sea Goat often aspires to fulfill a legacy worthy of honor and is relentless in achieving success in career and social status in the world. Cappies are known as the boss of the zodiac with their cardinal approach to life. 

On January 5th, eclipse season kicks off with the Capricorn New Moon making this the perfect time to set those long-term goals and new year resolutions. As materially focused as this goal-oriented sign can be, there is also a tender, emotional nature hidden beneath the surface which bestows them with the nickname of the “Sea Goat” (Sidenote: Capricorn’s opposite sign is its oceanic counterpart, Cancer). Although we’re focused and ready to take action thanks to Mars recent transition into Aries, the 3 of Moons (Cups) encourages us to consider the seeds we’re planting at this time and whether our pursuits can emotionally sustain us for the long haul. You may be feeling emotionally despondent and craving some excitement at this time. Gathering amongst old and new friends alike can be just the inspiration that you need to foresee a new vision for your life that embraces your need for more joy, play, and creative expression. Around this time, you may consider collaborating with a group of friends for a project or to simply lend support for each other’s solo endeavors. The people that you’re connecting with at this time will most likely play a long term role in your life and legacy that is just beginning.

On the 21st, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo marks the end, and beginning, of a new era. This will be the last eclipse in Leo for many years to come making this an opportune time to wrap up karmic lessons related to self-acceptance, a heart-centered vs. ego-centered lifestyle, and authentic power rooted in love versus domination. The Wanderer of Moons offers you the chance to see yourself through new eyes that recognize the pure light of Source that shines within but is often dimmed by bitterness, victimization and self-righteousness. Release your need for vindication. Learn to not take things personally which will allow you to welcome the lesson that each experience brings you and encourage you to keep your heart open. Offer forgiveness to those who need it (even if they don’t ask for it) and don’t forget to include yourself. Embrace the child within that falls down but eagerly gets back up ready to try again, feel again, and love again.

Affirmation: When I focus on my inner light I see the world through the lens of love.

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