December Tarotscope: Activating your Wise Woman

4 of Knives - Sophia - 8 of Pentacles

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 Welcome to December, Kittens!

Can you believe it’s the last month of the year already? Of course the end of 2018 calls for some reflection as we clean up house for the new year ahead. In numerology, December represents a five month. The themes associated with this energy include freedom, expression, flexibility, courage, and worldliness. At this time, the majority of planets are in mutable signs which require s us to be more adaptable to the changing seasons both literally and figuratively speaking. We’ve recently had Jupiter move into Sagittarius as well further emphasizing the desire to expand beyond our current circumstances and way of being.

The Mythical Goddess Tarot portrays Sophia, associated with the Hierophant in the Rider-Waite deck, as the representation of the number five. In mysticism, Sophia is considered the female soul of God and across cultures she is referred to as the “Mother of Creation.” The message behind this Goddess archetype encourages you to seek your own guidance and clarity this month by activating your own Wise Woman. We each carry the light of Spirit within us and the power to create our own personal Heaven on Earth. Sophia’s hand positioning represents her connection to the cosmos and the Earth. Her pregnant belly illustrates the intentions and vision stirring within just waiting to be birthed into reality.

We are reminded that we cannot solely manifest through our imagination and creative ideas. Sophia, associated with the astrological sign of Taurus, emphasizes the need to ground your vision into reality and to also be patient with the time lapse between setting our intentions and seeing them come to fruition. The 4 of Knives encourages us to focus on maintaining our peace of mind to our best ability this month. The last month of the year typically culminates with a lot of stress about the holidays, anxiety about the future, and possibly feelings of disappointment about what may not have worked out for you this year. You’ll be able to manifest more desirable circumstances if your mind is de-cluttered, centered and still. This is a good month to practice meditation, take a social media hiatus, and prioritize your need for rest.

As much as you may want to push forward, the cosmos are giving us the chance to take it easy with Mars in Pisces. Once the new year comes and Mars moves into Aries we’ll be super busy so now is the time to gain your strength and energy for the excitement to come. Work and practical matters will still be a part of our responsibilities as portrayed by the 8 of Stones. You may feel pulled between drifting off into La La Land and sticking to your daily routines. However, try to find a middle ground exemplified by Sophia the Wise Woman. It is important to calm the monkey chatter of your mind to receive crystal clear guidance on the next actions you need to take to ground your vision into reality.

This month encourages you to live the message: as above, so below.


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