Will Season 5 of 'Fear the Walking Dead' Actually Be Good?


The time has come and the new season of Fear the Walking Dead is here. The season 5 premiere graced AMC on June 2nd and overall it was… okay. Somewhere between not exponentially underwhelming and also not super exciting.


There was a time jump and the main group is still making poor decisions that lead nowhere good. Though, there was action, so that should be enough. Right? The current situation the core group is in isn’t surprising but it reintroduces the concept of maintaining or losing your humanity in a world where that’s dwindled.

Last season there was heavy disappointment throughout the fandom. Much of it was due to killing off two long-time characters that helped shape the show from the very beginning. Naturally, most major character death(s) rock the core of a show, which is exactly what wound up happening with season 4. Of course, it wasn’t all that was wrong with last season but it’s at the front of the list.

This season does have the same show-runners, Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss, so we can’t expect much of a shift in terms of direction. Which may leave people curious if it will get any better or worse from here. Preferably the former for the ratings and fandom’s sake.

alicia clark.jpg

After having watched the first episode of this season, I’m already quite touch and go about it, which doesn’t ignite a lot of excitement inside. This is a slight disappointment as someone who has been watching since the show’s inception.

Nevertheless I’ll continue to give this season a chance, have an open mind, root for my faves and hopefully stop asking if this season will be any good.


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