9 Gory Movie Recommendations (2000’s edition)


Practically every horror fan knows their stance when it comes to gore. Whether they love gore-filled movies, can only take it in small doses, or avoid movies with any. In terms of those who will watch movies with ample or at least some gore–this is for you.

Enjoy the splatter.


1. High Tension (2003)   


Bizarre and very bloody is what can be said about this French film, alongside some problematic things that can be picked apart once the movie is over. Essentially the movie is about two best friends, Marie (Cecil de France) and Alex (Maiwenn), who wind up being attacked by a serial killer while staying at Alex’s parents house. From there is a whole lot of chase sequences, bloody moments and the infamous twist that happens in the end that unravels the whole movie.

2. Underworld (2003)


There’s no such thing as vampires that sparkle in Underworld but some of the vampires are pretty and will tear you apart. Not only do vampires exist in this movie’s universe but there are also werewolves (referred to as Lycans) who are just as violent. Overall, the plot is engaging, interesting and Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is a bad ass Death Dealer. The gore deserves several thumbs up and if you enjoy supernatural horror films then dive into this series.

3. The Devil’s Rejects (2005)


Any horror movie written and directed by Rob Zombie is guaranteed to be bloody, absurd and full of batshit white characters. This is one of his better movies and is a sequel to his House of a 1000 Corpses. In this movie, the (very redneck and disturbed) Firefly family is on the run from the authorities but find the time to cause mayhem and brutal violence. There’s no shortage of gore, blood, or disturbing moments. If that’s your jam then you’ll love this twisted cult classic.

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)


Graphic, gruesome, and gritty is this prequel to the 2003 remake, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

Don’t go into this movie with high expectations in terms of plot because you’ll be slightly disappointed. Basically this movie is about introducing how Leatherface was born, why the Hewitt family became cannibals and what happens to a group of four when they get sucked into this nightmare.  The gore throughout is most certainly memorable and not for weak-stomached folks.  Some may even deem much of the content a bit too disturbing for their taste.

Do you need to watch its predecessor? It’s definitely not as important, unless you’re one of those individuals who must watch movies in order, but not discouraged either.

5. Halloween (2007)


This remake is highly disliked within the horror community but one thing that can’t be argued is the grisly gore and overall grit within this film. Not only is this Michael Meyers a bit more menacing but he’s more brutal as a child - adult. The movie starts off as focusing on Michael’s white trash childhood and his mental disturbances at a young age. All of that gives a different glimpse into Michael as a character but doesn’t make you root for him either.  

6. Martyrs (2008)


This French horror is nothing short of brilliant, especially in terms of the underlying message and the realistic grit it portrays. It’s been said to be one of the most disturbing movies ever to be made. And no one is wrong for stating as such. It focuses on two young women who are abuse survivors and embark on revenge quests against their abusers. Martyrs pushes limits that one can expect from most international films. Not only that but the violence is next level and the ending will make you go WTF.

7. The Last House on the Left (2009)


(Warning: This movie might be too triggering for survivors of r*pe)

Much like the original, this movie stays with you one way or another. Especially since it’s not entirely unrealistic when you take certain things into consideration. There’s no masked killer running around with a weapon, there’s just a group of criminals (aside from the one man’s son) who brutalize two young girls. 

It takes on revenge horror and flips it because the ones taking revenge aren’t the victims of the violence. At least not directly. The movie makes you question what you’d do in such a situation and that in itself can be uncomfortable. The relatively stacked cast does a great job with their characters. 

8. You’re Next (2011)


Incorporating comedy into a horror can either be tacky or can make for a good “dark” comedy. Which is precisely what You’re Next manages to do. While home-invasion has been done many times, there’s a twist to this one that makes it different. It also delivers in terms of a resourceful heroine, Erin (Sharni Vinson) who isn’t scared to get bloody or to viciously take down anyone who intends to harm her. Overall, the gore throughout is right there in your face and that’s what makes it so great.

9. Jigsaw (2017)


The Saw franchise has a lot of movies to keep track of and not all of them are worth remembering. Yet this one offered something fresh to the franchise, which is definitely hard to do with movies like this. The plot focuses on the idea that John Kramer could still be alive or that there’s a copycat. What can be said about the gore? It’s the amount you can expect from any movie within the franchise. Which, to put it simply, is a decent amount.


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