Flowers of the flesh, Effy Winter (Rhythm & Bones Press, 2019)

Effy Winter is recognized as a contemporary poet whose work secretes an erotic tenderness and vulnerability. The poems in her debut collection, Flowers of the Flesh, are brimming with dark witchcraft and unholy romance—these passionate invocations are an ode to lovers, to God and the Devil himself. In this ritualistic anthology, Winter reveals the corroding chapel within her heart.

Flowers of the Flesh

Dominicana Americana, Krizia Isamar Bruno (Ofrendas Press, 2019)

Focusing on themes of latinidad, womanhood, and tradition, this edition of Dominicana Americana is a poetry chapbook of 34 pages written in English and Spanish.



L’ACQUA, samantha rose (2017)

L'ACQUA is a collection of poems and stories focused on the ebb and flow of emotion. Love, lust, pain, passion, longing, abandonment, neglect, joy, connection, and dissonance.

Samantha takes us on a journey to bathe in the emotions that take us over each day. That excite and betray us. That inspire and hinder us. The hurricane of love and life, the tides of experience, and the calm flows we find ourselves floating in.

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The Saint of Milk and Flames, Kate Garrett (Rhythm & Bones Press, 2019)

The Saint of Milk and Flames is a collection of poems about finding faith, valuing doubt, and the poet accepting herself as a mother as well as a daughter, for all the pain and joy involved in those roles. There is anger, but justifiable anger - the flame as power, illumination, defiance, a force to move us forward; there is milk in nurturing given and received, sometimes to and from unexpected places. From personal experience to myth to historical moments re-imagined, from family bonds to physical disability to spiritual synthesis, these are ultimately poems of healing and becoming.


Jessie Lynn McMains Chapbooks

forget the fuck away from me + the girl with the most cake, jessie lynn mcmains (bone & ink press, 2019)

In forget the fuck away from me, Jessie Lynn McMains uses a variety of poetic forms and tactics to discuss the ‘90s and their memories of that decade. In these poems (three previously published, seven brand new), McMains (an old Millenial/young Gen X-er, aka Xennial) writes about everything from identity to crushes, trauma and mental illness to hanging out at the mall. Laid out like a zine, and featuring more ‘90s pop culture and musical references than you can shake a mixtape at, the ten poems ftfafm is nostalgic without being overly sentimental. Recommended for anyone who just barely survived their teenage years and anyone who (sometimes) misses the ‘90s.

The Girl With the Most Cake is a book of eleven poems (five previously published, six brand new) inspired by Courtney Love and her music. Through these poems, McMains channels Love’s persona, and imagines conversing with her about relationships, loss, gender, fairy tales, hunger, motherhood, aging, and more. The verses crackle with energy and are by turns angry, humorous, and tender. Recommended for fans of Megan Falley’s Bad Girls, Honey and Kiki Nicole’sSullen Girl, as well as fans of Daphne Gottlieb, Amber Tamblyn, and Clementine von Radics.

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mouth made of satin, samantha rose (wide eyes publishing, 2019)

a tantalizing and seductive work of art, mouth made of satin is an upcoming collection of erotic poetry from samantha rose. mouth made of satin serves as a sizzling journey through the sexuality and complexities of fluid womanhood and an aching exploration of desire. samantha writes an unyielding collection of poetry that celebrates the sexual autonomy of women, their desires, and the command for pleasure to be provided and received.⁣⁣⁣⁣

coming in August.

cover pending!

cover pending!