Soak in Oshun Opulence

"When the Void looks into the mirror It sees Us. 
When We look into the Void, We see the Mirror. 
When We look in the Mirror We see the Void.
When the Mirror looks into the Mirror... 
It laughs!" (

Oshun is an African Goddess of rivers and other fresh waters. Water is a feminine element and connected to deep and sometimes hidden emotions. Oshun is the embodiment of an awakened woman, a woman who's sexuality is alive, balanced, and healed. She is the Goddess of sensuality, sexuality, fertility, creativity (of which all are linked). Oshun is also a Goddess of love, abundance, femininity, and prosperity, making her kin with Aphrodite, Venus, Hathor, and Lakshmi.

If I had to connect Oshun to Astrology she would remind me of a Leo: Regal, wealthy, refined, beautiful, golden, a Lioness. Oshun is all about beauty, but do not mistake her for being shallow. As her symbol is the mirror, we reflect, as we would in a clear pool of water, and we dive deep only to return and emanate the beauty within ourselves.

source unknown

source unknown

As women, we owe it to ourselves to gaze upon our physical reflection in reverence and appreciation, admiring ourselves, and explore deeper to do the inner work that will allow this beauty to effortlessly surface. A rich, happy, and beautiful inner world has no choice but to express itself on the outside.

*Any gender/sex can indulge in this delicious bath. It's benefits exceed all human perception of gender identity as all souls should strive to be balanced in masculine/feminine energies within. If men are looking to get more balance within their feminine sides and heal that part within themselves, this is a fabulous place to start. There is no shame in taking care of our bodies, no matter what! Oshun does not discriminate whom she gives her love and nurturing to as long as we come to her with respect and love.

Pre-Bath Ritual

First, clear your space. My favorite way is with Palo Santo. Let your intuition lead the way with all of this. Don't know how to tap into it? What's your first inclination? That's usually your intuition speaking. Trust yourself and let your higher self guide you. Alter and personalize this ritual however it fits for you. 

Dress in something sensual and sexy, preferably yellow or gold if you have it, but anything you feel good in will do. Put on some of your favorite soothing and sensual music. It can be upbeat-sensual as well. Either or, or both, and dance! Be and FEEL free. Dance in the mirror and smile upon your reflection. Put on a show for yourself. Do that for as long as you wish, and...

Feel free to continue dancing and singing as you prepare your ingredients. Drink some champagne or honey wine, another Oshun offering. I know some who would love to smoke their favorite greenery at this time, as that can be a ritual in itself. I'd choose one or the other and remain moderate, as you will be soaking in a bath and all senses will be heightened. Safety first, and you already know your own limits. Make sure you're hydrated with some water either way and/or don't make the bath too hot.


Light your incense and candles, remove the rose petals from their stems. Sing to the roses and thank them for their service. Draw your bath and begin adding in the ingredients.

As your bath fills, bless the water. The cell structure within water is changed by our thoughts and words and can be very powerful. This blessing can be very simple or detailed as you like. Feel free to sing to it whatever song you're playing or to recite/customize this incantation:

"I bless this water, this abundant creation ruled by the Undines, with love and gratitude for myself and the blessings I receive daily. Like water, I am abundant and pure. I intend this water to be purifying, cleansing, and full of love. I ask and affirm graciously that this water cleanse me of any chords or toxins from this day, week, month, or year –– and remove any spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical ailments or blockages from my body, mind, heart, and spirit for transmutation. And so it is."


*Note that all ingredients are for inside the water aside from the candles.

  • Fresh Rose Petals

    • Preferably bright-colored roses: pink, orange, yellow. It's not easy to find bagged rose petals, but I enjoy making a ritual out of peeling the petals of the roses myself. Remember to thank them and love them.

  • Candles

    • Green, pink, and/or yellow for sensual lighting around the bath.

  • Chamomile

    • Flowers and/or essential oil. If neither are available, a chamomile tea bag will work as well!

  • Raw, Organic Honey (1 cup)

    • Softens, smoothes, and detoxes. Honey is great internally and externally. The higher quality of your honey, the more you will receive from it!

  • Cinnamon Sticks (5)

    • Spiritually purifying, removes toxins, invigorates the spirit, and elevates the mood. Essential oil or ground cinnamon could be okay, but cinnamon sticks are easy to find, so try to get those! Cinnamon is also great for prosperity.

  • Olive Oil (2-3 tablespoons)

    • Great for skin (and absorbs, unlike coconut), helps fine lines and wrinkles, and even helps post-labor with regaining strength and contains minerals that help shrink uterus back to size post-baby. Olive oil is a miracle oil in itself and has too many benefits to list here!

  • Myrrh

    • A few drops of essential oil or feel free to light some incense outside of the bath for some aromatherapy while you dip. Or both!

Optional extras:

  • Yarrow Flower Essence

    • 5 drops under the tongue before the bath. Or the flower itself can be added to the bath. Yarrow FE is beneficial for spiritual protection, healing and strengthening the aura, energetic boundaries, and helps with environmental wear & tear like radiation.

  • Rose Water or Essential Oil

    • For an extra boost of loooove!

  • Peacock feathers and/or Sunflowers

    • For decoration around the bath. You can also add the sunflowers to the bath if you wish. It is said that sunflower leaves in the bath remove negativity and is anti-depressant.

  • Butterflies

    • Butterflies are one animal that belongs to Oshun. If you happen to have images of butterflies to place in your sacred space or have a Butterfly-themed Tarot deck, why not do a quick spread in your ritual?

  • Hungry?

    • Oshun offerings include oranges, mangoes, papayas. Either places these on your altar (oranges represent prosperity as well), enjoy them ahead of the time or post-bath, or drop some orange essential oil into the bath.

In The Bath


Close your eyes. Relax. Take a few deep cleansing breaths. Think about all that you are grateful for, from major accomplishments in your life down to the smallest details of your bath. "I am grateful for the rose petals nourishing me in this bath." Etc. This quiet time will become a meditation.

At this point, the music should be soothing, whatever that is to you. R&B, ambient, nature sounds, solfeggio sounds, etc. If you go with solfeggio sounds, I highly recommend a solar plexus chakra video from the Meditative Minds YouTube channel I linked to. I've also made a Spotify playlist with HZ sounds and Spotify made Nature Sounds. If you don't already have yourself equipped, those are great places to start!

Don't worry about meditating. Don't force it. Naturally focus on your breath, let the thoughts and feelings flow in and out. Don't hold onto any of them. Let them pass. See what comes up, and release it. Allow the water to wash it all away.

Stay in the bath for at least 20 minutes and as long as you're comfortable. Your intuition will tell you when it's time.

Most of all, ENJOY. Yourself, your heart, your body, your mind.


I know, I know, more?! This is optional, but as a writer, journaling is important to me. So you can do something different that fits for you. But if you'd like to journal, reflect on how you felt pre-ritual vs. post-ritual, if any insights or downloads came to you during your bath, etc. Write from the heart, send gratitude to Oshun for supporting your healing along with all of the other nature elementals that contributed to your ingredients, and most of all yourself for taking this time out for some delicious sacred self-care.

Happy Indulging!



Once you've enjoyed some decadent Oshun-intended self-care, let us know your thoughts/experience with this bath ritual in the comments below!

Creatress-in-Chief of Pussy Magic, Samantha is a published poet, author, and editor from the Bay Area with immense passion for traveling and positively changing the lives of women through holistic healing and honoring our sacred selves: mind, body, and spirit. Find more info and her writing here.